Roasting Philosophy

In our experience of roasting and cupping we have spent a lot of time perfecting a medium roast for all our coffee offerings. None of our coffees are roasted into an oily state like some of the darkest Italian and French styles. We feel a coffee's natural taste and aroma is preserved in medium roasts. Even our espresso is a medium roast with profile that is similar to a classic Milanese style. Our coffee is roasted to order and our weekly roast schedule is based on placed orders. For customers requesting ground coffee we let our coffee beans de-gas before grinding to order. This has allowed us to deliver the freshest roasted coffee and to keep our products fresh on shelves or in use we allow custom delivery schedules for our high volume wholesale customers


Custom Roasting and Blending

To target exclusive specialty cafés and establishments we have introduced the concept of working with them to develop custom coffee blends or re-brand our roasts to develop their own brand identity. Our pricing structure allows for discounts given on volume or term contracts.