About Us


'Bring together the art of coffee roasting with the world's finest coffee to deliver coffee nirvana'


Moksha Coffee Roasting, LLC was founded with private investment funds in 2004 by 2 silicon valley 'techies'. The partners have both a background in coffee roasting as well as coffee plantations and are dedicated to heighten the coffee experience. 

We use the highest quality green coffee beans procured from reputable importers. As a micro-roaster, we maintain high quality roasting to guarantee taste and freshness. We provide our volume customers with custom roasting and scheduled delivery services to guarantee freshness. Our special relationships with plantations in India and the Kenyan Coffee Board give us great insight into procuring the right coffee crop for our blends  Our coffee selection is based on consulting experts involved in coffee cupping reviews and auctions worldwide. Our customers range from individual buyers, corporations, deli-café's.


Moksha Coffee Roasting offers several popular origin coffees from Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Guatemala, India, Ethiopia and Kenya. From time to time exotic varietals from India (learn more), Costa Rica, Honduras and Papua New Guinea will also be available. Our blends include blends like Mocha Java, several Espresso blends tailored for different palates and customers can also request their own blends. Over time we want to support the Fair Trade movement and organic coffees.

To differentiate our blends we use unique varietals from India and even Africa. We have specifically taken interest in certain plantations in India and Kenya. We plan annual coffee cupping trips to India and Kenya to constantly learn more about their annual crop and roasting styles. Our coffee is roasted to order and allows us to deliver the freshest roasted coffee. Our coffee is packaged in high quality foil gusseted bags and foil lined plastic stand up pouches with a 1 way valve to keep the freshness inside the bag.